Space: 1999

A highly detailed model of an Eagle Transport ship from this popular 1976-77 sci-fi TV series taking off and landing.  Crafted in 1999 to commenorate the show's title date, the liftoff video below dates back to that time with sound effects from the show provided by a fan.  A lot of new rendering technologies have been invented since then, so this model was pulled out of storage and re-rendered (second video on this page) as it lands on an arrid planet, using global illumination and volumetric dust.  It was also rendered in four passes; one of just the ground and sky, another of the ship itself,  one of just the foreground dust clouds, and one of the background dust behind the ship.  All four were composited back together in After Effects with matching alpha channels, allowing further creative freedom in post-processing.  New sound effects were obtained to create a new sound design as well.