These images are renderings of personal projects done a long time ago (cira 1990's) in a galaxy... err, state far, far away from where chrusion | FX owner, Dean Scott, now resides. They represent his earliest ventures into the world of 3D as he taught himself the craft of 3D modeling an effects animation by taking on self-imposed challenges to re-create, from television visuals only, his favorite sci-fi genera space ships and special effects.


Babylon 5: Vorlon Transport

A cloned model of a Vorlon Transport ship from the TV series Babylon 5.



Babylon 6

A conceptual model of what the space station in the sci-fi TV series Babylon 5 might have looked like if it were designed by the show's Minbari and Vorlon races.



Babylon 5: Jumpgate

A clone model of a Centari-class JumpGate Generator from the TV series Babylon 5.



The JumpGate without the hyperspace vortex silhouetted against a custom created nebula.


The Babylon 5 Spacestation

A cloned model of the space station Babylon 5 from the TV series Babylon 5.



Babylon 5: Shadow Cruiser

A clone model of a Shadow Cruiser ship from the TV series Babylon 5.


Atomic Bomb

This blast was modeled and rendered using only geometry (instead of volumetric particle effects) with the help of a procedural texturing plugin called DarkTree Textures, still for sale by Darkling Simulations.




A Star Trek: Deep Space Nine inspired Wormhole.