Building the Mosaic Sanctuary

This project was designed to be a 60-minute long program intended to be pitched to a cable outlet such as the History Channel or the Discovery Channel.  It was to visually tell the story of how the ancient Hebrew sanctuary, as described in the biblical book of Exodus, might have been built by Moses, as well as explore what the physcial dimensions might have been for many of the items who's dimensions were not given in Exodus based on the physical properties of the materials used. For example, the foundations of the walls of this portable building were made of 100 blocks or sockets of silver, each weighing around 120 pounds.  Because their size is not given, we set out to "reverse engineer" them using silver's weight and density to determine their volume and from that determine a reasonable size and shape.  We believe this has never been done before.  Instead, artistic license has been the rule and many of the traditional illustrations of this Mosaic Santuary have some of their features greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately, we only were able to create this proposed program open.